Talkback Languages

We have been in the language Training and consultancy business for more than 20 years.
We started as language teachers and are TEFL qualified and we provide In-Company Business English Courses all over Lombardy including tailored Full-immersion Business English courses in the UK in South West Wales during the summer months.
We aim to give a personalized all-round language service working with each client to give them exactly what they are looking for as far as languages are concerned. We want to make your company look professional on the world stage.

One provider for all your language needs!

  • » Working with us you will get results.
  • » We can help you to Internationalize your company and its products/services.
  • » We can get you talking with your foreign clients and help you to enter those lucrative foreign markets
  • » We can make your documentation consistent throughout from your emails to your website.

    • Professional translation is human translation
      Being a leading provider to the Italian dictionary and translation industry, takes pride in initiating an outreach program with the clear message that translations, that need both figurative and literal accuracy, are best left to the qualified human translator. Machine translation, translation software, online translation services or online dictionaries will never serve you with the consistency and accuracy needed for the translation of important documents.

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